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Internships and Careers Office
Mission and Goals
The TCO (Traineeships and Careers Office) has as mission to foster the Coimbra Business School | ISCAC graduated students' employability, in order to facilitate their effective entry into the labour market. Hence, it has been concluding several protocols to provide extracurricular traineeships in private or public companies and in other institutions.

The TCO also makes available a support service to the ISCAC graduate students, advertising the traineeship/job opportunities in the School's areas of study - namely where there is actual offer - through its own IT platform.
This office also promotes other activities aiming to organise and manage traineeships, and also the active job search, creating a link between the academic context and the labour market.

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, from 9.30am to 12.30pm, and from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

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GPS: N 40º 12' 34.50" | W 8º 27' 7.00"

Quinta Agrícola - Bencanta
3045-601 Coimbra


Tel: +351 239 802 000
Fax: +351 239 445 445

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