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Surrounding Areas
  For those who would like to travel further, the surrounding areas offer a remarkable variety of unforgettable scenery. 45 km away are the sandy beaches of Figueira da Foz and north of this, exists kilometres of unspoilt, golden sands, backed by dunes and pine forests.
  A car or bicycle ride from Coimbra in the direction of Penacova provides one with breathtaking scenery as one entwines up the river through the apparent dormant villages. Also, 16 km from Coimbra are situated the Roman ruins of Coinimbriga with their wonderful mosaics.
  For those more religiously minded there is the beautiful Sanctuary of Fatima, which is around 80km from Coimbra.
  1 hour by car will get you to Porto and 2 hours will get you to Lisbon.
GPS: N 40º 12' 34.50" | W 8º 27' 7.00"

Quinta Agrícola - Bencanta
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