Madalena Eça de Abreu é doutorada em Gestão de Empresas, especialização em marketing, docente no Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração de Coimbra.

Present research

I am a marketing professor, teaching also other disciplines from the business management field, at the Polytechnic Institute in Coimbra, the city where I live.


 Ph.D. in Management, Specialization in Marketing (26th November 2012, ISCTE - IUL).

Title of the  thesis: "Drivers of Donations Practices: Altruism and Religiosity Revisited".

The nonprofit sector as an academic area is badly covered here in Portugal. The charities need more information and knowledge in order to develop their activities.
The question being addressed is why people donate money to a charity. Likewise, this research will concern primarily with the motivation for donations. This question is indeed important to the organizations, religious and secular, that urge the donations for their survival.
In fact, the context of people making donations to religious and secular organizations has been chosen not only because of the growing challenges religious and secular organizations have been facing in gaining donations, such as decline in church attendance, increase donor choice, and bigger complexity in managing the fundraising, but also because of interest in the psychology of giving and its wider role in contemporary society as a whole.