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Academic Life
  Academic Life
There are a little under 3,000 students registered on degree courses at ISCAC. All subjects are semester-based with main exams at the end of each semester. Student life, in terms of academic achievement is extremely demanding. Although, at first, the atmosphere may seem sort of relaxed, one should not be deceived by this.

A student's workload will involve:
- Fixed exam sittings at the end of each semester (all subjects);
- Continuous development (some subjects);
- Mid-term examinations (some subjects).

However, academic life is not merely work. The students do have time to have fun because there is always something happening throughout the week. The weekend, on the other hand, is usually very quiet as most students go home to visit their families.

  The students do have two main festival periods that of the fresher's week (latada), which occurs around the end of November and the Student's festival (Queima das Fitas), which occurs around the middle of May. During the fresher's week, the freshers have to dress up in various costumes and endure varying types of games and rituals and during the student's festival there are various activities happening throughout the day and open-air concerts every night that go on into the early hours of the morning. The highlight of the festival being the procession of floats prepared and decorated by students.
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