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  :. ISCAC - Coimbra Business School 
  In Portugal , the teaching of Accounting and Administration began during the reign of King Don José I. On the 19th May 1759 the Marques of Pombal created the "Commerce Class" with a view to training individuals to become competent workers within business enterprises.

In 1970, the course of Accounting was created in Coimbra within the Institute of Commerce and Industry. Due to the split up between the commercial and industrial areas, in 1974, the Institute of Commerce and the Institute of Industry were separately formed.

The Law Decree 313/75 of 26/6 put the Institutes of Commerce of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra under the office of the General Direction of Higher Education, which awarded Associate Degree equivalency to some of the courses given at these Institutes.

Afterwards, with the application of Law Decree 327/ 76 of 6/5, the Institutes of Commerce of Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra became known as Institutes of Higher education in Accounting and Administration. Through Law Decree 70/88 of 3/3 these schools became integrated into the subsystem of the Polytechnic Institute of Higher Education, in our case, the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra.

The 1996/97 academic year was a year of change for ISCAC, becoming institutionally consolidated, the school began developing new internal statutes, which today serve the ISCAC community, as well as, taking up new residences with more modern facilities within the beautiful surroundings of the Agricultural Farm in Bencanta, relocating there on the 4th November 1996.

Today, ISCAC|Coimbra Business School has the tradition of producing calibre business graduates who find little difficulty in finding employment. As well as catering for full-time day students, it also caters for professional people by providing classes throughout the evenings.

Presently, ISCAC|Coimbra Business School is in the process of restructuring its degree syllabuses bringing them in line with the Treaty of Bologna, as well as, promoting the development of new degree courses within its academic programme.
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Quinta Agrícola - Bencanta
3045-601 Coimbra


Tel: +351 239 802 000

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