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ISCAC|Coimbra Business School is a modern business school, we are one of the Schools of the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, placed on the left border of Mondego river, in Coimbra, the city of knowledge, as people usually name it. As a business school, ISCAC's objectives are far beyond education itself. Its main purposes are to offer both educational and social support, not only to the students, but also to the surrounding community.

 At ISCAC a quality education is achieved mostly through technical, scientific and cultural components; in addition, an active role in social development is granted through various dynamic actions. In order to reach the above mentioned purposes, ISCAC breeds sustainability as its main strategy, keeping in mind the respect for a set of values that are a framework to the actions implemented, namely, ethics, quality, innovation and social responsibility.

ISCAC offers nine undergraduate courses/first degree courses, thirteen master degree courses and a wide range of Postgraduate studies.

1st degree studies/bachelor courses ISCAC's offer includes:

·         Degree in Trade and Economic International Relations

·         Degree in Accounting and Public Management

·         Degree in Business Management

·         Degree in Degree in business administration

·         Degree in IT Management

·         Degree in Marketing and International Business

·         Degree in Secretarial Direction and Administration

·         Degree in General Solicitor and Administration

·         Degree in Accounting and Auditing

Master's degree studies ISCAC's offer:

·         Accounting and Public Management

·         Accounting and Tax Business

·         Agricultural Company Management

·         Business and Public Auditing

·         Business Management

·         Data Analysis and Decision supporting Systems

·         Financial Analysis

·         Human Resources Management

·         Management Control

·         Management Information Systems

·         Marketing e International Business

·         Maritime Management

·         Solicitadory

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GPS: N 40º 12' 34.50" | W 8º 27' 7.00"

Quinta Agrícola - Bencanta
3045-601 Coimbra


Tel: +351 239 802 000
Fax: +351 239 445 445

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