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List of Available Course Units

Course Units

According to the semester, the students choose the course units they are interested in, they discuss it with their Coordinator and if approved, they prepare the Learning Agreement accordingly, in order to be sent to our school. 

At ISCAC we do not have specific English classes for Erasmus students; students who understand Portuguese, may obviously attend ordinary classes, and be evaluated as regular students. 
For students who don't understand or speak Portuguese,
we have a tutorship methodology: each teacher gives the students the necessary directions and bibliography, through regular contacts and meetings, being the evaluation a combined system, generally consisting of both a Project and a Final Written Examination.


Below you'll find the list of course units of our Bachelor (1st ycle) and Masters (2nd cycle)
The availability of the Course Units listed below depends always on the responsible teacher's acceptance.

Course Units in Bachelors (1st cycle) Portuguese Acronym:
  • Accounting and Auditing - LCA

  • Accounting and Public Management - LCGP

  • Companies Management - LGE

  • Commerce and International Economic Relations - LCREI

  • Management IT  - LIG

  • Marketing and International Business - LMNI

  • Solicitorship and Administration - LSA

  • Secretariat of Direction and Administration - LSDA

Course Units in Masters (2nd cycle) Portuguese Acronym:
  • Accounting and Public Management - MCGP

  • Business Management - MGE

  • Business and Public Auditing - MAEP

  • Company Accounting and Fiscality - MCFE

  • Financial Analysis - MAF

  • Management Control - MCG

  • Management Information System - MSIG

  • Marketing and International Business - MMNI

  • Solicitorship MS
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